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Last Minute Family Trips

February 27, 2018



So we just got back from Miami and only had one day to get all 5 kids packed plus myself and our dog off to the sitter ( my aunt, LOL).


We never want to miss out on an adventure!




So how did we possibly make it such a short preparation period?

I always stay ready for an adventure!


In order to be ready for a flight/ trip at any moment I keep my body essentials packed in airport approved containers. I have a travel makeup bag that I keep all my go to favorites in and a roll up brush container for my makeup brushes. I also have small bag for my hair products, which are: a flat iron, comb, brush, and small bottle of oil.


For a short trip 4 -day like we just came back from I keep our outfit choices very simple.


Me: T-shirts with jeans, dresses or one-piece outfits, jean jacket, two sandals and a pair of 


Kids: Two pairs of shoes (slides/sandals and sneakers), I count the swimming trucks as outfits so I packed two so one can dry overnight, an extra days outfit and underclothes. The bigger kids are old enough to pack their own clothes so all I'm responsible do to with them is to make sure they have packed all their necessities, the girls also have travel bags to keep their essentials organized.


I throw all of that in our luggages and collect our electronics (nook, cellphone, headphones, and camera) to toss in my purse or their book bags. 


Since all of our items other than outfits are already together it takes me no longer than 30 minutes to get luggage prepared for each person.




In my opinion, the best way to stay ready for a last minute trip is to stay organized. I would hate to miss out on an experience because I’m running through the house frantically searching for items or driving  to the store to pick up necessities.


You know the saying, "If you stay ready, you ain't never got to get ready".

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