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Free Personal Finance Packet

January 1, 2019

I can remember my first wallet. Well, at least I think it was my first wallet. Nevertheless, it was a Maggie Simpson wallet which had the quote " A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned". I attribute this wallet to my budgeting mindset, my parents on the other hand say I have been frugal long before I received that wallet and that was the reason they chose to gift it to me!


I love personal finance, it's my favorite past time and one that usually causes me to the butt of the joke. Why? Because I'm frugal. 




Lately, I have learned to enjoy the use of money as tool to explore the world and as a gift to give more abundantly, but I always make sure if I spend over a certain amount I invest that exact same amount. 


I believe if you don't feel as if you have enough to extra cash to save that you can't afford to buy anything unnecessary. 


My number one goal is to become financially independent and yours should be too. How to get to financial freedom:


  • Calculate how much you earn and subtract your expenses. 

  • Your extra cash should be directly deposited to an account to contribute to a 3 month emergency fund 

  • Once your emergency fund is equipped start to pay off all consumer debts

  • Invest the rest of your money until your investments can cover your monthly expenses.




To help you get started I'm providing free personal finance packets for a limited time to all new subscribers. Your packet will include:


  1. A sheet to keep you on time with your monthly payments 

  2. Savings Goal tracker

  3. Worksheet to Calculate Your Net Worth

  4. Minthly Budget Plan

  5. Debt Payoff Worksheet

  6. Cover Sheet for your binder




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