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How I Keep My Crew Organized

September 16, 2017

Having more children than hands and a husband that travels 50% of the month I was forced to set up routines for myself and the children in order to be on time to appointments/events, keep a clean house and maintain a positive learning environment.


Some days are more structured and flow better than others because in real life sh*t happens but for the most part our house runs smooths and everyone knows their roles.  



1. Hooks For Bags and Keys - There is a designated place for all book bags, the little kids hang theirs on hooks near the garage and the big kids take theirs to their room.  


2. Catch All Basket - I have a basket at the bottom of the stairs so as I find items out of place I put them in the basket and each child is responsible for checking for their things whenever they go upstairs at the end of the day. 


3. Homework Station in Each Bedroom 


4. System for Loose Papers - Individual stackable trays labeled for incoming mail or school papers that I need to sign or look over.



5. Choose Clothes for the Week - I take it a step further and label the outfits for each day because I refuse for these little boys to mess up there nice clothes on P.E. or Art day.


6. Purchase a Label Maker - I label everything! 


7. Assign Daily Chores - I created a kids chore chart that you can download, here.


8. Use Calendars - I have my own individual planner but I also keep one in the office so the children can write their school activities or weekend plan *TIP: you can sync calendars on your phone with family members so they always know what plans are ahead*


9. Keep a To-Do-List With Me At All Times - My to do list is usually sticky pads placed in the back of my planner


10. Stash of Favorite Recipes


11. Create Cleaning Buckets with Checklist and All Needed Supplies










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