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In My Lane

September 13, 2017

I receive inspiration daily from scrolling through my Instagram feed, talking with friends and family, or even just being out in public amongst strangers. I have hundreds of ideas that run through my head on daily basis. They won't all make it to the blog because so many times I tend to live in the moment (I'm changing y'all, I promise).



 I want to inspire other women whose story of life began like mine, educate those who have no clue of how lonely it can sometimes feel going from one tax bracket to another, or simply just engage with other ladies who do not always play by the rules and instead decide to be rebels.


I'm never gonna post just to post!



I'm all about honesty and realness, even though sometimes I want my hubby to lie and tell me my thighs aren't too big for the mini dress I plan on stepping out in. Back to my point, my space on the internet will never be sugarcoated, I will never be paid to represent a brand I don't believe in or haven't tried, I want to respond to everyone that ever writes me. 


So, if you're a rebel like me make sure you follow me on all socials because I have a lot of shit talking up my sleeves.


As always let me know whats on your mind!




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