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Sailor Mouth

August 9, 2017


My eldest son recently told me I have the mouth of a sailor!! I know its so unladylike in the eyes of most but for me to live a happy life I feel its necessary for me to curse... Yea, I said it's a necessity and  in my defense I don't curse at my children in a derogatory manner; I more so curse out the world and the other people in it around them quite often. But believe me I'm not alone, there's this guy that I think is kinda hot and his mouth is much worse than mine. So, for the past 11 years we have been partners in crime!





Now, I have tried to stop due to the views of society but I can't and I'm at the point where I don't really care about pleasing others and I could give 2 f*cks about their judging stares.


Cursing helps me to express my feelings in a stronger manner to really get the emotion that I am trying to convey across to whomever I'm speaking to. For example, if one of my kids receive an A on a test, I would reply, "You are so fucking amazing!"


Now there are boundaries in my household, my kids are not allowed to curse and unlike the way I was raised they are able to say darn ,dang, and what the heck. We have explained to them that cuss words are for adults and it's an expression they will earn with age and responsibilities, like paying their own bills, buying their own clothes, food, shelter and all the other "grown-up things" their father and I are responsible for.


Check out this article I found that states the reasons why cursing is good for you, here.






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