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Set The Mood With Kids Around

July 26, 2017


As a parent we were forced to learn control because quite honestly we can't jump our partners bones whenever we are feeling tempted! Even though we have to delay the satisfaction we can still flirt a little to keep the passion going just long enough to get the kids tucked in and off to lala land!


Here are 5 foreplay ideas to keep the mood going while the kids are awake: 


Show Some Skin.


Wear silky nightgowns (long or short), two piece pajamas that consists of a camisole and shorts (minus the bra for a little nipple action), or wear his t-shirt. 


Love Letters.


Express your fantasies for the night in a short letter by describing in detail the the positions you want to have sex or toys you want to use and how they should be used on you. Or even a little note stating something he does to turn you on.


Secret Word.


Come up with a code word that you and your partner share.



Give Him A Gift.


Sneak a pair of panties into his palm or pants pocket.













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