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I Don't Let My Kids Win at Games

July 3, 2017


I believe every family has one or two things they love to do together that creates lasting memories.


My family actually has quite a few! Like this one we recorded.


My husband is a movie fanatic and he has passed on the love of films to our children. Each and overtime he returns home from a trip he and the kids make their way to the movies with the concession stand orders in mind to watch the latest release.


Me, on the other hand, I love board games and family card games. I have stacks of games to prove it! Out of the 5 kids, I have two that are always up for an impromptu game, one that avoids games by all means, another one that it depends on her mood of the day and lastly a preschooler that forces us to adjust the rules so he can play.


I am so competitive in games. Honestly. 


You know how some parents my take it easy on their kids? Like, not counting all the spaces they were supposed to move or not actually following the rules that was on the card they pulled. I'm not that parent.


I Pay To Win. Each. And. Every Time.


And I'd like to believe it teaches my kids a life lesson: Don't allow anyone to dull your shine or change your goals to make them feel better about themselves.


Here are a few of our favorites:


Uno- America's favorite card game

Phase 10- card game that can played in groups of 2-6. The game is named after the 10 phases a player must go through in order to win the game.


Beat the Parents-board game in which parents go against kids to answer random questions


Rack-o- card game in which 10 cards are dealed to each player. A player must place each card as it is received into the highest available slot in their rack, starting at slot #10, without rearranging any of them. The goal of each hand is to create a sequence of numbers in ascending order, starting at slot #1


Wordsearch- basic word search except now you are racing your opponent to find the word first



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