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5 Reasons To Take A Hot Bath Tonight!

June 27, 2017


At the end of the day nothing feels better than a long soak in a hot bubble bath with the aroma of  nicely scented candles (and a glass of wine if you've had a hard day)! I bet you're wondering what other reasons would one need to make such a relaxing experience even better.





The several benefits that are associated with a hot soak will have you looking forward to spending many more nights submerged in water with a book & wine in hand.


1. As our body temperatures rises it causes us to sweat.  Sweating helps to rid our bodies of toxins and diseases.


2. Baths are a natural way to induce in sleep. When taking a bath our bodies temperature rise but once we are out our bodies cool and in return triggers the release of melatonin.


3. Beautify your complexion. The use of loofahs or sea sponges along with coconut oil will wash away dead skin cells, leaving hydrated and radiating skin.


4. Weight loss. A recent study has shown that people with diabetes who soak on a regular basis are able to reduce their levels of sugar and glucose in their blood. 


5. Improve your blood circulation. The physical pressure the water puts on our body makes our heart pump faster and stronger.



*Pleases remember to keep a glass of lemon water close to you to remain hydrated!

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